All Those Stored Errors by Red Mecca

Darkenin Heart

Released April 30, 2021 by Red Mecca.

Jan Strandqvist, formerly keyboardist and percussionist of Brända Barn, together with vocalist Susanne Jonsson compose the atmospheric electronica act Red Mecca. The band's sixth album Away, has been one of their most successful works yet, and the opening single All Those Stored Errors is demonstrative of their dark soul feel.

Red Mecca describe: "Dreams of being somewhere else. A commentary to the contemporary. To the dread of 2020 and everything breaking down. Sometimes darker than ever before. Sometimes ambient driven pop tunes. Sampled pile drivers. Held together with dark wave atmosphere. All the time outside the frameworks and in perpetual motion. This is us. 2021. Hopeful inspite of darkness."


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