The Victim by Desperate Journalist

Darkenin Heart

Released July 2, 2021 by Desperate Journalist.

Photo by Nick JS Thompson.  

Fierce Panda Records

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The Victim is another focal track coming from Maximum Sorrow!, the fourth album by London post punk band Desperate Journalist. It's one more goth pop song, lyrically alert, which identifies with the band's observing individuality.

Desperate Journalist is composed of Jo Bevan (vocals), Rob Hardy (guitar), Simon Drowner (bass) and Caz Helbert (drums). Maximum Sorrow!, out through Fierce Panda Records, draws inspiration from a net art project of the same name by Kevin Bewersdorf. The basic idea for it was that "once you reach a point of full saturation of melancholy, then you can't absorb any more, and you are thus free." Most parts of the project has now been deleted from the internet.

Vocalist Jo Bevan describes: "The thing which really appealed about this project was the fact that initially, due to the jargon inherent in the nascent global-business-data-optimist-ecommerce world which the imagery was lifted from, it was difficult to tell whether the intention was satirical or earnest - and now I am pretty sure that it's equal parts of both. Bewersdorf's work very much resonates with me as your classic sad self-aware millennial, concerned with meaning and authenticity whilst surrounded by culture with a thousand layers of irony all over it - and of course the aesthetic appealed, growing up as my generation did in an ever more commercialised, smoothed and shined, soulless-looking world."

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