Sun Standing Still by Death Hags

Darkenin Heart

Released July 2, 2021 by Death Hags.

Sun Standing Still is a brand new track by experimental L.A.-based musician and producer Lola G. aka Death Hags. The distinctive track expresses the ambient and experimental side of Death Hags' sound. It has an eminently contemplative character.

Sun Standing Still is part of A Growing Scarcity of Expectation, a lengthy digital compilation curated by Destroy//Exist, which features an impressive lineup of 24 amazing underground bands.

The song was recorded over the Summer Solstice, which literally means 'Sun Standing Still'. The track echoes that brief instant when the sun reaches its highest position before changing direction.

Death Hags describes: "The solstice has always been a moment of awe and mystery, in ancient cultures as in modern times, a moment of celebration and melancholy. It's the longest day of the year, the moment we are closest to the sun and the beginning of our descent towards the darkness of winter."

"Sun Standing Still is that moment."


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