Angelsteal by Panic Priest

Darkenin Heart

Chicago-based musician Jack Armondo who's also member of the dark pop duo My Gold Mask, creates a tuneful type of dark synthpop/darkwave under the moniker Panic Priest with prominent features his expressive vocals, the pulsating electronic beats, and the dreamy guitars and synths.

Panic Priest's new single Angelsteal is an upbeat track, dark in nature and easy to grasp. The song is part of the project's upcoming album PSYCHOGORIA which will be out February 2022 through Negative Gain.

"Angelsteal is a healing song and about taking control of one’s own destiny," Panic Priest describes. "The so-called "angels" in our lives that might be an oppressive force, whether in an intentional way or not. It’s about taking back the time they can inadvertently steal and using it to realize one’s future."

Panic Priest
Photo by David Gall.

Negative Gain

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