Public; Domain by Requiem & Simon McCorry

Darkenin Heart

Requiem is a project composed of Tristan Welch (Guitar, Electronics) and Douglas Kallmeyer (Bass, Electronics, Production). Their new release Joy; Division comes together with collaborator Simon McCorry (Cello) from the UK. The album came out via Woodford Halse Records on October 16th, 2021.

The three musicians' vision for the new full length fluctuates between sounds prone to experimentation, bringing together qualities from cinematic music, neo-classical, ambient and post rock. The result is imposing and ominous at the same time, justly characterized by the artists as a "soundtrack for the uncertainty of our present time."

Passional and dramatic, lead track Public; Domain is a sinister instrumental which arrives with a mesmerizing video by invisible plan with footage shot by Simon McCorry.

Requiem & Simon McCorry

Woodford Halse Records


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