Party All the Time by Neon Funeral

Darkenin Heart

Jersey City act Neon Funeral combine darkwave and hardcore, and add vibrant aesthetics in their unusual mix which they describe as "progressive" and "controversial"

"We feel that in making an impact with music, being controversial is a good thing! Some people will either really love it or really hate. We just need help to find our audience!" they remark.

Neon Funeral's most recent release is an unusual and exciting cover of the 1985 pop hit Party All the Time, written by Rick James and recorded by Eddie Murphy.

The band explain: "Cleopatra Records asked us to do a top 10 Billboard cover song done within the last 30 years and we chose this one because it's an 80's classic and we thought we could add a darker tone to it."

Neon Funeral

Cleopatra Records


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