Unbound by The KVB

Darkenin Heart

Manchester, UK synthpop duo The KVB release Unbound, the final chapter ahead of their new album Unity. The music video for the song comes in collaboration with director Sapphire Goss.

The KVB comment on the video and its relation with the album: “We've been fascinated by the sound mirrors that are on the south coast of England for a while now and were very pleased to know that Sapphire shared our interest in these decaying, monolithic sculptures! In fact, they were part of the inspiration for Unity's album cover. It was great to finally visit one in real life, despite the wind and rain that came with filming there. For us, Sapphire's dreamlike, analogue aesthetic feels like the perfect complement to Unbound's hazy sound.”

Director Sapphire Goss adds: “The video took the album cover imagery as the starting point, and the band were keen to use the sound mirrors- strange monolithic listening structures along the coastline, made obsolete by radar almost as soon as they were built. The video reanimates these eerie monuments, showing them pulse out mysterious signals of light abd colour. The film is made using a mix of analogue & digital effects- lenticular 3D & stereo loops shot on an 80s Nimslo (35mm) and an old Mamiya passport lens attachment that freeze moments in time & dance around them spatially, adding to the uncanny feeling.”

Produced and mixed by Andy Savours (Black Country New Road, My Bloody Valentine, The Horrors), Unity is out on November 26th, 2021 on Invada Records.


Invada Records

Photo by George Katsankis
Video by Sapphire Goss

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