What We Desire by THYMIAN

Darkenin Heart

What We Desire comes from the recently released Rhythm of Doubt, the debut full length by Swiss-based artist THYMIAN, out through Young & Cold Records. The album's sound is fully based on traditional darkwave and dark synthpop, and the contemplative lyrical themes become an addition to its intrigue.

THYMIAN describes the moody song: "What We Desire is about what we as individuals seek in life. It is about weighing up whether the decisions we make are the right ones, or whether they only feel right. The lyrics are very cryptic. Individual lines cannot be interpreted as something specific, rather it is supposed to describe a feeling that cannot be described easily. This feeling is perceived differently from person to person. Like a compass needle it shows us the way and provides the common thread that weaves through our lives. As the ballad of the album, it fits perfectly into the mood I wanted to convey."


Young & Cold Records


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