Crash and Burn by Whimsical

Darkenin Heart

Shoegazers Whimsical unveil the third single from their anticipated fourth album Melt which will be out on April 1st, 2022 on Shelflife Records. Crash and Burn presents the band's love for an early nineties-like alternative rock sound, bringing to mind the early material of Smashing Pumpkins and Ringo Deathstarr.

The band give a detailed description of the song: "As the songwriting for our upcoming album, Melt, was coming to an end, it became obvious that an upbeat and energetic song was needed to balance out the overall feel of the album. The first impression sounds simple enough, but beneath the song’s exterior lies many layers of sound that wouldn’t be misplaced on an album like Siamese Dream. Crash and Burn sounds as equally 2022 as it does 1993 and there’s an excitement there that we’ve tried to capture on all of our albums. This song is about the rollercoaster of emotions that can sometimes come along with a relationship, especially if things are moving too fast. It highlights how quickly things can plummet from high to low, especially if there is miscommunication and confusion, which leads to uncertainty about what’s next."

Crash and Burn is clearly more rock-based than the band's recent singles, and it illustrates much of their range.

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