Sunbleached by Tidal Wave

Darkenin Heart

Sunbleached is the second single for 2022 by Tidal Wave, a 7-piece psychedelic/art rock band from Toronto, Canada, noted for their intense compositions and eclectic instrumentation.

The song offers a sense of desire and hope, and it's about moving on from a specific phase, despite the possibility of loss. As time passes, it might be tough to comprehend and accept that things may be different.

Connor Young, Tidal Wave's lead vocalist and songwriter says of the new single: “This represents that feeling when you’ve been too emotionally invested in something happening in your life, and at a certain point you’re worn out from wearing your heart on your sleeve and feeling everything so deeply that there simply isn’t anything left to feel. And in that moment, you feel like it's wrong to not be as broken up as you should be, but the physical truth is that you can’t anymore because you’re so disconnected from it.”

Tidal Wave

Artwork by Dezmond Gavin

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