A Part Ache by WITXHES

Darkenin Heart

WITXHES is a new Swedish duo made up of noise rock musician Richard Ahlgren (danmarck) and electronic music producer Henrik Sunbring (Domus, oplen, ex-Agent Side Grinder). The band's music is difficult to categorize, combining elements of post punk, darkwave, and krautrock, among others.

The debut full length by Witxhes is Bury Your Witxhes, and it has been published through ohm2recordings. A Part Ache is a fast noise rock piece with industrial and punk connotations, coming with a video by Emanuel Lundgren. The clip is made from vintage scenes of daily life in a South Dakota town during the Great Depression, filmed by Ivan Besse.

Cover artwork by Ola Elmquist and Emanuel Lundgren
Video edited by Emanuel Lundgren

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