Mirror Factory by Library Card

Darkenin Heart

Library Card is an ambitious new outfit from Rotterdam's emerging scene, including Kat Kalkman of Neighbours Burning Neighbours and Mitchell Quitz of The Lumes, in addition to vocalist Lot van Teylingen and drummer Emre Karayalçin. The band's debut single Mirror Factory is released through the Dutch label Katzwijm Records.

"Mirror Factory is about running after yourself but not being able to catch up. Like tripping over your own feet while trying to rush. You are the only one with the solution, while you are anxiously trying to avoid that person." van Teylingen says of the track.

Mirror Factory engulfs the listener, compelling them to confront their own demise. In the lyrics, the band is referring to the city's corrupted housing market, which is driving up the cost of living at dangerous rates. The music shifts into a more ominous level midway through, with sharp guitar eruptions and stirring nearly spoken word vocals.

Mirror Factory comes with a video directed and edited by Library Card's Kat Kalkman.

Library Card

Katzwijm Records

Video directed by Kat Kalkman

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