Gaslight by Fantømex

Darkenin Heart

Fantømex is a punk/post hardcore band from Western North Carolina, composed of guitarist Isaac Crouch, drummer Edwin Mericle, vocalist Abigail Taylor and bassist Max Miller. Drawing influence from post hardcore, post punk and alternative rock sounds, Fantømex have released one album and some standalone offerings, followed by the new EP Terraformed.

The highlight track Gaslight is an angst-filled work that highlights the quartet's concepts of female empowerment as well as their powerful sound and presence.

Fantømex describe: "The original, silly placeholder title for this song was "Bullshit Bluebird". Isaac, our guitarist, was woken up by a blue bird one morning, after which he wrote the dissonant intro to this song, thinking "what would scare the bird away?

The lyrics of the song are about a lot of things: turning 30 during a pandemic and the existential crisis that comes with that, taking responsibility for your own actions, thoughts and feelings, and trying to be “present” in the world we live in."

Artwork by Sterling Leiske

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