Odds by mad honey

Mad Honey, an indie/dreampop band from Oklahoma City, formed in 2018 with members Tiff Sutcliffe and Branden Palesano composing songs together, and later came to full realization with the addition of Lennon Bramlett, James Tunell, and Austin Valdez.

The most recent release by Mad Honey is Promo '22 which contains the two tracks, Odds and Euphoria, both representative of the band's dark leaning but direct indie rock approach, enlisting their influences from great acts like Lush and My Bloody Valentine.

Odds came out with a fun music video, as well as the announcement in Mad Honey joining Sunday Drive Records. They describe: "This song is a hopeful message about staying true to yourself."

mad honey
Cover live photo by Lauren Smith / layout and design by Branden Palesano & Jonathan Lee Gonzales
Video directed & edited by Lennon Bramlett

Sunday Drive Records