Boiler Room by Mamaleek

Darkenin Heart

Although they haven't been renowned for having a particularly optimistic viewpoint in their music and songwriting style, San Francisco experimentalists Mamaleek are planning to release a new record that will be infused with a more positive attitude. Diner Coffee is an ode to the ordinary placed against the safe haven features of a diner, and relishing in nostalgia.

Diner Coffee expands Mamaleek's musical explorations with horns, woodwinds, and strings and a Bay Area-local blues harmonica player who improvised recorded pieces during sessions. The outcome incorporates elements of black metal, blues, ambient, and other genres, as it can be plainly heard in first taste, Boiler Room, which finds the band experimenting with jazz and metal.

Mamaleek has evolved beyond the anonymous two-person operation of their early days by recruiting more members and moving into live performance. The band's progress may also be observed in the quality of their new music.


The Flenser


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