Inspired by John Keats by Katharina Nuttall

Darkenin Heart

Katharina Nuttall is returning to the art rock world with her fourth album, The Garden, following her ventures in composing award-winning film scores. Despite of its title, the second single Inspired by John Keats, doesn't lift inspiration only from John Keats, but also from Laurie Anderson, and it's a refined art pop piece that now pairs to a moody visual.

Katharina Nuttall's musicianship flows around different genres, and she has moved through various musical styles on her three previous albums, showing a restless creative spirit.

Inspired by John Keats, the new single represents the idea of a deep desire to be strongly rooted, like the trees, no matter the season, and through it Katharina Nuttall 's artistry shines in dark dazzle.

The Garden will be released on October 21st, 2022 on Novoton.

Katharina Nuttall


Photo and video by Jacob Frössen

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