O.K. Sis by Hey Team

Darkenin Heart

Hey Team is a new band from Nijmegen, the Netherlands, with a playful and dynamic creative style, providing compelling and sometimes aggressive songs that represent both an individual and collective mental attitude. Despite the instability of the ongoing pandemic, the band has been on a steady ascent.

O.K. Sis is the first in a number of planned releases, and it's a snappy, explosive, and emotional alternative rocker with a witty post punk feel.

Hey Team comment on the single: "This song is about a friend that you loved but just cannot be near. They always get into trouble, always cause drama/fights, make a bunch of empty promises and get you to do a bunch of intense stuff for them without getting anything in return. When I was younger, I was very susceptible to this kind of person due to personal insecurities. Fortunately I’ve grown and learned a lot and such people are no longer part of my circle. When I look back on that time I think of an insecure teenager complaining but not being able to speak out, and also this type of friend-trouble feels almost frivolous/ridiculous compared to stuff you handle as an adult. The upbeat spunkiness and the almost wineyness of the lyrics sort of reflect that." 

Okay, Sis is accompanied by a DIY music video that appears to be a real blast, with the band performing fun and silly dances on loop.

Hey Team
Cover artwork by Anne van den Boogaard

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