Bury You Whole by Badlands

Darkenin Heart

Swedish producer, composer and sound designer Catharina Jaunviksna aka Badlands returns with new single Bury You Whole from her upcoming album Call to Love, which will be released on November 18th, 2022. Call To Love is the follow-up to last year's highly acclaimed album Djinn, which served as a memorial to the artist's late mother.

Beginning with a mix of peaceful piano and dreamlike vocals, Bury You Whole finds Badlands expertly layering organic cello and a slow trap beat into a scrambling groundwork for the song's dazzling crescendo.

“Bury You Whole is a track about being stuck in the space where the heart still wants what the mind already knows one can not have,” Badlands says. “It’s inspired by a teenage reminiscence, working as a memento throughout all stages in life. The video also tries to reflect that. When you are heartbroken, you just drift around aimlessly in a fog and listen to the same songs over and over again, just like when you were 14.”

Jaunviksna writes, records, produces, and mixes all material on her own, and she is also the founder of RITE, an electronic record label, arts platform, and production company based in Malmö, Sweden, at Tambourine Studios.

“The soundscape has been crucial in getting my message across; what’s beautiful and vulnerable emerges through imperfection and letting yourself lose control,” she explains about Call to Love. “The record is a call to/for merciless, intuitive love, in an age where love is capitalized and being emotionally unavailable has become a desirable ideal. It’s a tribute to love in all its wonderful, brutal, mean, horny and embarrassing forms.”

Cover art by Brigita Ektermane


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