Take Care of Yourself by Blanco Tranco

Darkenin Heart

After the release of their recent EP I’ve Been Dying to Tell You, Melbourne alternative band Blanco Tranco return with a new single which shows a revived musical direction for the band. Take Care Of Yourself sounds a touch more moody, and is still a great mix of surf pop and dreampop, accordant with Blanco Tranco's previous material.

Vocalist and keyboardist Tiff explains the lyrical inspiration and the song's concept: "This song was definitely a little bit of a different direction for us after I’ve Been Dying to Tell You. It was, I think, the first new song we wrote after recording that EP so I think it really sets the tone of a new era for us. It’s a bit heavier and darker, there’s a lot going on here with the vocals especially. I’m always outta breath after performing this one! I wrote the lyrics in a really rough time during one of those little breaks between lockdowns. My mental health was pretty bad and I was struggling to try and be a person in those little periods of freedom. I couldn’t interact with anybody without chugging a bottle of wine beforehand, I was dealing with massive anxiety levels about the smallest things. I felt like I was deteriorating. But after this one night out I don’t know what happened but I felt like I got a little bit of spark back and it inspired me to get back to writing, and that’s when the vocals for Take Care were born."

Blanco Tranco

Honeyglider Records

Cover artwork by Tiff Brown and Allegra De Leucio

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