Hubris by Asbest

Hubris is the newest single by Basel, Switzerland-based noise rock band Asbest, following Autodigestion. On the new song, the band address hyper-individualism and the idea that everyone is chasing their 15 minutes of fame.

The band comment on the new single: "With HUBRIS, we want to challenge the belief that true individuality can only be achieved by standing out from the crowd and receiving as much attention as possible. Instead, we believe that this form of competitive self-promotion leads to a new and toxic uniformity of selfishness in which the authentic self must be replaced by an ostentatious facade."

Paired to a video directed and edited by the band's vocalist and bassist Judith Breitinger, Hubris is released from A Tree In A Field Records and Czar Of Crickets Productions.

Directed and edited by Judith Breitinger

A Tree In A Field Records

Czar Of Crickets Productions