I'm Bleeding by Denuit

Darkenin Heart

Denuit is a French goth/darkwave duo on the rise, and also harbingers of the 'night wave' sound which appears always dark and nocturnal but never depressing.

The band have unveiled the single and video I'm Bleeding, part of their upcoming album Inferno, coming out on Manic Depression Records and No Need Name. Denuit cite Siouxsie, The Cure, and Depeche Mode as influences, but their sound appears to be strongly entrenched in even darker corners of underground music.

I'm Bleeding is gloomy, moody, and gothic to the core, and it's both audibly and visually fascinating, coming from a band with a very strong aesthetic approach.

Video directed by Denuit (Ivi Topp & Lis Araignée)


Manic Depression Records

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