Waste My Time by Linebeck

Darkenin Heart

Hamilton, ON dreampop band, Linebeck deliver a nice musical balance between joyful exuberance and nostalgia. The band formed one month before the world came to a halt due to the pandemic and spent their early time as a band remotely composing songs.

The band's new single, Waste My Time, was composed before they ever formed as a group. Chrys, the lead vocalist, and Momo, the guitarist, used to operate as an acoustic ukulele-guitar duo, but believed that their songwriting and production goals had expanded beyond 'Chrys and Momo.' Momo began collecting guitar pedals, Chrys purchased an analogue synthesizer, and Waste My Time was the first song they wrote using these new sounds.

The song's inspiration was modern dating in the digital world, as well as the concerns that come with all of it. The lyrics of Waste My Time relate to the emotions of anxiety and reservation that arise in the initial stages of a relationship, feeling compelled to protect yourself and requesting open communication before becoming too immersed.

Video by Chrysalene Teo

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