Ciarán by Eosine

Darkenin Heart

Ciarán is the melodic new single from new band Eosine, hailing from Liège, Belgium. They will release their four-track EP mixed and mastered by Mark Gardener (Ride) in February 2023.

Elena (guitars, vocals, keyboards) is the leading force behind Eosine whose lineup is completed with Julia (guitar, vocals), Brieuc (bass, vocals), and Benjamin (drums). In October 2021, they released their first EP, Obsidian.

Their music can be classy, intimate, and compelling all at the same time, with atmospheric and saturated guitars intertwining with intricate and frequently rigid vocal harmonies.

Ciarán is a brief piece that expresses the sometimes harsh dissonance that stands between euphoria and disillusionment. It builds to a spectacular finale with emotional blasts and bright guitars, as the music unfurls harmonically with the lyrics.

The song is accompanied by a video directed by "Camera, etc."

Artwork by Camera, etc. & Elena Lacroix
Video directed by Simon Medard

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