All Your Sorries by Seja

Darkenin Heart

All Your Sorries is the first single from cherished Australian singer and songwriter Seja's upcoming album, Here Is One I Know You Know, which is set to be released in 2023.

The song is about needing to interact on a deeper level in every communication and how that isn't always encouraged, as well as being hard on oneself in insignificant situations.

Seja says that All Your Sorries actually started with a Suzuki Omnichord and expanded into a compact synth and drum machine piece which was recorded in the artist's Brisbane studio with the sounds of Giorgio Moroder and Phil Oakley in mind.

“I had just bought a Roland RS-09 string synth and wanted to put its warm fuzzy string chorus on everything for the rest of my life,” Seja comments. “I was listening to a lot of Harmonia and Brian Eno, as well as Yellow Magic Orchestra and was really loving the relationship between their layered electronic and acoustic instruments. I tried to sing and write from the heart without masking the meaning behind metaphors. And this fell out.”

All Your Sorries was written, produced, and performed by Seja, who also played and programmed a numerous amount of synths and drum machines, but also features guests from three iconic Brisbane indie bands: Jen Boyce (Ball Park Music) on bass, George Browning (Velociraptor) on percussion, and Chris Farrer (The Quickening) who provided the guitar solo.

All Your Sorrows is accompanied by a fantastic film created by Spod and the use of the Fairlight CVI.


It Records

Cover photography by Luke Henery
Video directed by SPOD

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