Gold Ides by Wild Arrows

Darkenin Heart

Gold Ides is a song which didn't make it on Loving The Void, the latest album by Wild Arrows, but sees the light of day as a single release. It's a track that deserves to be released, and it demonstrates the project's versatility by relying on a simpler songwriting method and direct sound.

Wild Arrows' Mike Law unveils a lot of detail about Gold Ides: "It didn't fit on Loving the Void but I've been really excited to release it. Since music is treated with such little value in our culture now I get really in my head about making it have value and not wanting to release too much music even though I have a lot of finished songs sitting around.

"I recorded three other versions before I settled on this one. I was trying to make it exciting and I wanted it to sound like watching a bloom in fast forward.

"I originally asked a friend to work on it with me and he said he'd love to but wanted me to change the lyric to 'Gold Eyes.' I didn't want to do that so I set out on this version where I recorded all the chords in the song acapella onto a 2" 16 track tape machine by singing each note in the chord layered. I did it four times through each in a different signal chain (mic, compressor, pre-amp) so it wouldn't sound like a stock vocal pad. It took a few days to do that but you can hear it prominently in the song. A few months went by and I forgot I'd asked this friend to work on it with me so I sent it to him again and he jokingly (I think) said he was tired of me sending him the song. I tend to get pretty wrapped up in things once the process starts but this one worked as I wanted it to, a cool and short burst like a Buddy Holly or Buck Owens style pop song."

Wild Arrows
Cover artwork by Meghan Minor & Robert Collum

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