Deep Dark by Heaven Slept

Darkenin Heart

Heaven Slept from South Georgia return with their EP Swamp, a more realized presentation of the band's work made up of seven songs, after having laid the foundation with a few notable singles. The EP, and each song individually, nicely introduce the band's dark take on shoegaze.

"Deep Dark is a song about dealing with anxiety, and the symptoms that come with it," the band say about the song that closes the EP. "Commonly manifests in catastrophizing- given the personification of anxiety being a 'monster-like entity' in the lyrics. Dark instrumentation and goth influences like organ in the closing of the song gives the track a dark and doomgaze-like energy. We chose this song as a closer to our EP because we believe it's a really powerful closing track that also follows the shoegaze ethos we carry as a group."

Heaven Slept

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