HEARTS OF 2022: Post Punk, Shoegaze & Dreampop

Darkenin Heart

Darkenin Heart reviews its 2022 playlist to feature the tracks that had the greatest impact by our selection, as something of an option in contrast to the yearly evaluative lists that are standard practice for the music press at this time of year. Instead of the prolonged full release list, we offer a playlist of the songs to which we'd like to listen in the long run to recollect what the year 2022 was like.

Among the melancholy Kraków Loves Adana, Ruth Radelet, and Adam Miller's excellent collaboration and the guitar-driven alternative of Terra Pines, 2022 has been a proper year for dreampop. Dark sounds like Astari Nite's recent work see us fascinated for the darker end of the spectrum as well, and Fringe Class's experimental electronic synth rock demonstrated that a new favorite can be found in the most unexpected places.

HEARTS OF 2022 is packed with these types of music, featuring over 150 bands and artists. For further enjoyment, an additional playlist on YouTube contains the nearly 270 videos we watched during the year.

HEARTS OF 2023 has already begun to take shape with a few tracks from upcoming releases, and is expected to be filled with the songs we love and cover on Darkenin Heart.

The HEARTS OF 2022: Post Punk, Shoegaze & Dreampop includes: Neon Funeral, Terra Pines, Cheerless The Empty Page, Donzii, Darkswoon, Fringe Class, A Place To Bury Strangers, Street Sects, Midding, The Strangerz, Numb.er, Mhaol, Girls In Synthesis, Baudelaire, Ganser, Savage Republic, Batbait, MEMES, Cult Sequence, Ladytron, West Wickhams, virgin orchestra, DETECTS, Yama Uba, Sektion Tyrants Astari Nite, SGO, Carpet Waves, Kraków Loves Adana, Ruth Radelet, Adam Miller, Linebeck, Soft Set, Treemer, Basement Revolver, Pink Turns Blue, trentemøller, Lisbet Fritze, VR SEX, Loungewear, Phantom Handshakes, Winter, SASAMI, stillfilms, Kramies, Driftless, VOWWS, Chelsea Wolfe, The Soft Moon, Alli Logout, Midnight Psychic, Denuit, Dmitry Distant, Venetian Veil, SOFT VEIN, Pale Dian, Curtain, KAARST, Memoria, Latenite Automatic, ENOLA, Vision Video, Secret Shame, Justine Never Knew The Rules, GIFT, Tiny Blue Ghost, Overly, dayaway, Blanco Tranco, The Know, My Raining Stars, Dream Room, TOM And His Computer, Cosette Gobat, Nothing Really, The French Tips, T. G. Shand, Sunnbrella, Lucid Express, Elliott Frazier, Iron Years, Plague Pits, Batboner, Total Luck, Psychic Graveyard, Magnetic Skies, LEATHERS, Glass Spells, Mufti, She Lies, Midi Memory, Hadda Be, Hickeys, Scarcity, The Psychotic Monks, Fungas, The Early Mornings, Church Girls, Skint Knees, LUMER, ACTORS, Night Sins, Blood Handsome, STELLA SLEEPS, Plattenbau, The Loud Bangs, COFFIN CLUB, Ringfinger, Zetra, Mamaleek, Folian, Chat Pile, Lotus Thrones, Bolywool, Social Union, Library Card, Modern Stars, Diary, No Swoon, Powder Pink & Sweet, Twin Rains, Secret Sign, Aerofall, Sexual Purity, Fantømex, Osees, Dion Lunadon, Kill Your Boyfriend, THE BOBBY LEES, Casket Cassette, Diaf, Bestial Mouths, Final Body, Curses, Deceits, Catcher, Deus Ex Lumina, Spirits of Leo, London Plane, Adwaith, Laveda, Wild Arrows, Psylhouette, Russian Baths, bdrmm, Submotile, COLLAPSE, Orochen, Old Coke, EASE., Boy With Apple, Young Prisms, Chinese American Bear, Spiritualized, Day Wave, Ferri-Chrome, Mouse, Dänmark.

Happy New Year!
Iri ♡

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