Only Time Will Tell by Darksoft

Darkenin Heart

Multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Darksoft makes atmospheric alternative rock music, as presented in three albums up to this point. Darksoft, originally from Seattle, recently relocated to Portland, Maine.

Following the release of the project's previous full-lengths, Cryo (2022), Meltdown (2020), and Brain (2018), a new album, Beigeification, is scheduled for January 13th, 2023.

The new album, which combines elements of dreampop, shoegaze, and alternative rock with gentle super and soft vocals, is a contemporary intake of beigey moods and pastel phrases to fit our time's discontentment.

Darksoft writes on the new album:

"For lyrics on Beigeification, I'm using a lot of 'thought-terminating cliches.' These overused phrases have the effect of ending a conversation, because they are vague, universal truths. What's also interesting is that grammatically they say absolutely nothing, but they carry a lot of weight in context. Example cliche phrases: 'it is what it is,' 'you gotta do what you gotta do,' 'win some lose some,' 'only time will tell,' 'to each their own.'

"This theme has been fun to play with, and I think fits the general attitude after watching the world over the past few years. To stay sane and functional as a digital being, you sort of have to accept that an endless barrage of bad news will always be at your fingertips, and then focus on what matters to you. I don't want to encourage inaction, but when so much negativity piles up, it's like, 'whaddya gonna do?'

"Also, remember when everything got beigeified? Perhaps your parents painted the walls beige to increase the 'resell value' of their home (even if they weren't selling it). Or think of Carmela Soprano's Etruscan-themed living room, or how beige was used for conformity reasons on workplace PCs for most of the 20th century.

"I want these songs on Beigeification to carry nothing too heavy, say something without saying anything, and sit in the background of everyday life, like how sand fits around your toes at the beach, passive like the color beige, and worn-out like these idioms."

Only Time Will Tell is released alongside a simple and elegant DIY music video with a VHS appearance created by Darksoft. Beigeification will be released digitally by Look Up Records on January 13th, 2023, with cassettes arriving from 2060 Records.


2060 Records

Video filmed by Darksoft

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