The Open Door (Stellar Frequencies Live Session) by Bank Myna

Darkenin Heart

Bank Myna are a four-piece dark experimental post rock band from Paris, France. The band has released their impressive, first ever live session.

After a long summer break, the band members gathered in Haute-Loire a few weeks earlier, in a magnificent barn which is beautifully decorated with old stones, and is covered in memories. There they captured an excellent live session with Stellar Frequencies.

Bank Myna performed The Open Door from their most recent album, VOLAVERUNT, which was released in February 2022.

This live take is a different arrangement than the one on the album. Excellent drumming and incredible instrumental work stand out in this new version, and some parts have been added or reworked to give it wider scope and strength, providing an entirely new experience.

The final outcome is an 18-minute piece bursting with contrasting emotions and amplitude, contributing to a magnificent atmosphere.

Bank Myna

Stellar Frequencies

Video directed by Joan Sabatier

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