We'll Always Have Never by Vague Lanes

Darkenin Heart

Vague Lanes, a goth/darkwave outfit from the San Francisco Bay Area and the island city of Alameda, release their first full length album, Foundations and Divergence, on December 24th, 2022 on Swiss Dark Nights.

We'll Always Have Never features a forceful drum machine, a ponderous bass line reminiscent of Tool, and a strange time signature not always encountered in post punk.

Vague Lanes combine stylish, dark post punk with a contemporary twist, and its members are Bay Area music scene veterans Mike Cadoo (Gridlock, Bitcrush) and Badger McInnes (Here We Burn, After the Apex), two bassists who also happen to be left-handed, making for a distinct separation from the ordinary.

The duo's instrumental style endorses driving drum machines and limited synth stylization as a foundation for their the double bass guitar mix, which blends wonderfully with the ominous, crooning vocals.

Vague Lanes

Swiss Dark Nights


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