Circle 37 (ft. Priscilla Ahn) by Foam and Sand

Robot Koch, a Los Angeles-based musician and composer who recently set a publication date for his ambient album as Foam and Sand on Nettwerk for March 17th, 2023, unveiled a partnership with the Monroe Institute, a center for research and education dedicated to the global awakening of human consciousness.

Foam and Sand and the Monroe Institute are working together to co-create an engaging sound experience as a way of further discovering the advantages of higher states of awareness. Circle 37, the first song of this collaboration, commands for a dynamic, expansive audio experience.

Through a combination of Monroe's entrainment signals, vocals by Pricilla Ann, and the unearthly melodies of Foam & Sand, the audience is transported to a calm position of augmented awareness.

Foam and Sand
Video by North Potato Land

❤ Friday, February 17, 2023