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Darkenin Heart

What do you consider to be the darkest piece of music you’ve ever heard?
Jay: Anything by Swans. When it comes to ferocious creativity they are almost unparalleled but holy fuck, I’m convinced some of their songs could open a portal to hell. The albums “The Great Annihilator” and “The Seer” are brilliant and terrifying.

Scott: June by IDLES is a very dark, hard listen. It has to deal with the singer Joe Talbot and his wife having a stillborn child. It’s emotionally devastating to listen to.

How would you characterize your own music?
Scott: I would characterize our music as dark and emotionally reactive. Subdued to volatile but always with a glimmer of hope..

Jay: Yeah it’s dark and emotional. I hope raw and honest too. I mean lyrically I’m usually coming from a very personal place. When the lyrics aren’t personal, I think I’m sort of acting like a reporter. I recently realized that I write a lot about world events. Probably not in a direct way but there’s this kind of cryptic journalism going on. Iceland Volcano is one of those songs.

What are your musical aspirations?
Scott: I aspire to create music that hopefully impacts someone emotionally or spiritually as the artists who inspired me to make it, did to me.

Jay: What Scott said. If some 13-year-old kid hears one of our songs, likes it the way I liked music at that impressionable age and in turn gets inspired to create, what more could you hope for?

What are your main musical inspirations?
Jay: I might be the biggest R.E.M. fan on the planet. Musicians are inspired by every single thing we see and hear, but without a doubt that band have had the biggest impact on me creatively. The fearless arc of their career, the fact that no two albums sound the same, the poetry and storytelling in Michael Stipe’s lyrics, it’s all had a massive impact on me. I mean our name is a nod to their album “Automatic for the People” and we cover one of their songs on the new record! I am a lifelong fanboy and l fucking love it.

Scott: My main musical inspirations in general are DIY punk and hardcore bands. Troubadours that took their art and careers into their own hands and did what was necessary to get it in front of people. For Latenite the artists I draw most from are Depeche Mode, U2, REM & Nine Inch Nails.

What are your main goals in life?
Scott: To remain truthful and honest to my own beliefs and love everyone that has a positive impact in my life. To treat everyone with respect and just be kind in general.

Jay: To try and be a better human being than I was yesterday. Get busy livin’ or get busy dyin’.

What motivates you to create?
Jay: I think the muse can manifest in different forms but it’s not always with you. And I think that raw, creative inspiration has a limited lifespan. In a Bob Dylan interview I recently watched on Youtube, he said something like, he didn’t remember writing most of his early songs and he wouldn’t know how to make them today. It’s like he was struck by something, he went all in creatively and suddenly these masterpieces existed.
I think any songwriter, famous and legendary or not, will tell you that their best songs come from a similar place. You just have to be open and aware enough to notice the inspiration when it comes and harness it, or rather let it harness you.

Scott: Being alive. Any experience can motivate me to create art. I do it to feed my soul, I can’t not be creative. So the music I make is a true reflection of where I’m at in any given moment. And I use it as an outlet for my emotions, so it tends to be melancholic in nature primarily, because dark music I find to very cathartic.

Are you more of an early bird or a night owl?
Scott: Much more of an early bird! I like to get my day started before others are awake.

Jay: I am a night owl. “Because the night belongs to lovers.” - Patti Smith

Besides music, what other art forms would you like to explore?
Scott: I’m a barber, so that helps keep my creative brain going when I’m not actively making music. I also love cooking! 

Jay: And I also work as a documentary filmmaker. I think we are fortunate to be able to express ourselves creatively in so many ways.

Which is the very first record that had a big impact on you?
Jay: I remember getting Led Zeppelin IV and Strange Brew: The Very Best of Cream as gifts when I was a kid and they both just blew my mind.

Scott: I can’t remember the very first one, but it was either The White Album by the Beatles or Rattle & Hum by U2.

What is the best decade for music?
Scott: 90s. Most eclectic selection of music and labels were taking a lot of chances on artists. Even pop radio had A LOT of alternative and rock bands on.

Jay: 100% agree with Scott.

What do your future plans include?
Scott: March 2/2023 will see the release of Latenite’s 4th album (3rd full length) called “WAHRHEITEN” which is German for “Truths” and it contains the best selection of songs that, in my opinion, we’ve ever written.

Jay: We hope you like this new batch of songs. We are really proud of them. And we are already working on new tunes for a follow up, so thankfully the future looks to be full of music!

WAHRHEITEN releases March 2nd, 2023

Latenite Automatic
Cover art by Rahel Gölzner

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