Sunshine by Ghosts on TV

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On April 14th, 2023, Soliti Recordings will release the self-titled sophomore album by the Finnish post rock band Ghosts on TV. Sunshine, the album's opening track, is a spatial, lovely, and noisy rock song that demonstrates how well Ghosts on TV utilize shoegaze sounds. Along with the new single there is also a beautiful and tranquil lyric video by Sonja Tolonen.

Ghosts on TV guitarist and the song's lyricist Anttoni Hill provides details about the song:

"Sunshine is a song that has been worked on during a time when I acquired a lot of new guitar pedals and thus it has steadily gathered new layers of effects which have "marinated" the sound of the song. Lyrically Sunshine is also a bit different, as it’s one of two tracks on our new album which hasn’t been written by Ossi, our predominant lyricist. I wrote the lyrics for this song, and they are perhaps more abstract and written as a piece of fiction.

In Sunshine our protagonists are spending their last day on earth, feeling content with their lives, having made peace with themselves . At the end of the day they wish farewell to their loved ones as they slowly lose their sense of gravity, floating into space and disintegrating into the cosmos. The inspiration for these lyrics came from Ari Aster's 2019 film Midsommar and its somewhat macabre take on the cyclical nature of life. Yet I aspired to write about the experience of death in a more comforting and gentle way, perhaps even as an empowering experience. You could even say this is somewhat of a happy song."

Sunshine, a gentle song overall, demonstrates the band's propensity for strong melodicism as well as their prospects.

Ghosts on TV


Video by Sonja Tolonen

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