ATACB by The Empty Threats

Darkenin Heart

The Empty Threats from South Australia follow up their powerful single Boys In The Gutter with another song from their anticipated upcoming album. Their new single, ATACB, highlights a very significant matter facing today's youth.

Yet again, astute lyrics and flexible post punk sounds combine in a delightful and compelling way.

The Empty Threats comment on the new song: "Anxiety, ADHD or scattered attention isn't a reason to discredit or dehumanize anyone, especially young people for having those traits a.k.a it is a survival response to current conditions experienced by members in the band as well as many of our peers in and outside of music."

The Empty Threats

P.A.K. Records

Cover photo by Thomas Ling / Art by Garreth Pearse
Band photo by Emerald
Video by Ryan Sahb

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