Slogan by FACS

Chicago-based trio FACS return with another example from their anticipated fourth full length, Still Life In Decay, which is a complementary release to their last album, Present Tense, from 2021.

The new track, Slogan, similarly to the concept of the entire record, is themed on change, and follows an experimental post punk path.

Band member Brian Case comments: "change...how that's seen from different people's perspectives. Still Life In Decay is about that kind of change, realizing that relationships exist in different ways for individuals in shared situations, and how you navigate that as a unit. We knew when we were making this record that Alianna was going to be stepping away from the band, which of course heavily informed the sessions. Filled with deep understanding and love, but still those insecurities and feelings of loss, or an end of something. Despite that, Still Life In Decay feels more like a beginning, it's tense and vulnerable in a way we haven't presented ourselves before. I'm so proud of what the three of us did with this album."

Still Life In Decay will be out on April 7th, 2023 via Trouble in Mind.

Video produced by Brian Case

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