Guilt And Shame by Spirit Award

Darkenin Heart

Guilt And Shame is the second single from The Fear, the upcoming album by Spirit Award. Like Pushing Forward which came right before, the new single merges a few different styles of alternative rock, and sounds very dynamic throughout.

Daniel Lyon explains: "For me this song is about having mental clarity, or a realization that changes your perspective on the world, yourself or your life view. Growing up I was taught to feel guilty and ashamed for a lot of things in my life that no one really should. So when I wrote this song I wanted to channel all that negative energy and channel it into something that felt freeing. It's sort of a proclamation song for anyone going through a transitional period, or that needs to let out some unwanted energy that's been holding them back."

The Fear releases on May 19th, 2023 via Share It Music. An upfront donation and an ongoing portion of proceeds from the album will be donated to MusiCares, in consistency with Share It Music's nonprofit mission.

Spirit Award

Share It Music
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Cover photography by Bella Petro

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