Springtime by Chopper

Darkenin Heart

The first single from Chopper's upcoming mini-album, Shock Pop Vol. 1, is titled Springtime. The song, which was written during the pandemic's winter season, captures the sense of loneliness and yearning to which we've grown accustomed throughout those days.

Chopper offers a continuation of artistic discovery of the intrinsic opposites of the human mind, praising and delving into subjects like love, sexuality, and free spirited joy. The artist's new work oscillates between comedy and tragedy in a delightful way.

Springtime is sleek and stylish, and at the same time it's a very bold track. It cites inspiration from the shiny melodicism of Pet Shop Boys, the industrial rawness of Skinny Puppy, and the strange nostalgic rave of Underworld. These influences are then redefined in a unique contemporary sense.


Pink Cotton Candy Records

Cover by Chopper / Amalie Maj

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