A Place You Grew Up In by Laveda

Darkenin Heart

Laveda's sophomore album presents twelve emotional and delicate tracks that can be appreciated lastingly. Nearly all of the songs on A Place You Grew Up In were written between late March 2020 and summer 2021, and then the band recorded them while staying on a ranch just outside of Los Angeles. These earlier singles include the balmy Surprise, the enthusiastic F***, and the nervous Troy Creeps.

With a dark and alarming edge, the title track A Place You Grew Up In encapsulates Laveda's storytelling style and dreampop sound. The song was conceived out of the battle that comes with loathing a place, yet feeling like you can never truly leave, and combines vocalist Ali Genevich's passionate vocals with grunge and indie shoegaze approaches reminiscent of the nineties.

Genevich explains: “”A Place You Grew Up In” is about the love/hate relationship I have with living in upstate New York. It’s this weird unnecessary internal struggle that I feel almost every day. There are so many reasons to love a place, but there are just as many reasons to despise it. Will I ever permanently leave? I’m not sure, it scares me. But staying here forever is almost more terrifying.”


Papercup Music

Video directed by David Martuscello

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