Delusional Paragon by Pulsations

Darkenin Heart

Delusional Paragon is a song by darkwave act Pulsations, taken from their debut album Tainted Covenant, which is available through Swiss Dark Nights Records. It is an examination of modern society that looks at cancel culture and the influence of marketing on genuine artistic expression.

It is a very propulsive track which reflects the disturbing theme of suppression and control by the morality police, who hold a lot of power in a society that is preoccupied with outward appearances. The narrator is shown in the lyrics to be irrational in their search of fame and power within the flimsy world of social media and advertising. The lyrics also dispute the cult of celebrity and the belief that self-promotion leads to success.

Delusional Paragon is a memorable and moody track, interesting not only for its sound but also for its subject matter. It was recorded in Copenhagen, Denmark, by Pulsations, and mixed and master at YMO in Spain by Lalo González.


Swiss Dark Nights

Cover artwork & Artist Photo by K.Vassing-Hansen

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