Lachrymose by Blue Statue

Darkenin Heart

Fresh out of the UK music scene, Blue Statue is a newly established band, preparing for the launch of their very first album, No/On, scheduled to be released on July 28th, 2023, under the reputable Fourth Dimension Records, who have previously released records for renowned artists like Thurston Moore and Sleaford Mods. Their first single, Lachrymose, is a dynamic post-punk track with strong grunge influences.

Aaron and Hayd Brown, brothers who serve as the main songwriters, guitarists, and lead vocalists, are at the forefront of the band Blue Statue. The rest of the lineup is completed by Ben Jasper on bass and Andrea Bertesi on drums.

Blue Statue tackles themes that revolve around existential angst, mental health challenges, and other topics that are often difficult to address. The band has an authentic approach towards these issues, which makes their music more understandable and familiar. Despite having a well-defined sound, the band is also open to experimenting with new sounds, adding to their creative flexibility and further displaying their commitment to their craft.

The opening moments of Lachrymose present an eerie ambiance, with the guitar notes resonating with a sense of foreboding. The drumbeats provide a mechanical framework, and as the song progresses, the tension builds, and the severity increases, until the music erupts with energy and emotion.

Aaron comments: “Although love is not something I usually write about, this is the subject for Lachrymose. It’s about the ending of a romantic relationship and the heartbreak that follows. Through the experience I ultimately understood that a lot of what I loved in the person that finished the relationship was what I aspired to be. This realisation helped me to deal with it.”

Blue Statue

Fourth Dimension Records


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