Men of Influence by Confetti Malaise

Darkenin Heart

Confetti Malaise, a band hailing from Marseille, France, is passionate about creating danceable music influenced by new wave and post punk. They have unveiled Men of Influence, the first single from their upcoming debut album titled A Thousand Burning Suns, which is set to be released in the near future.

Confetti Malaise distinguishes themselves through their captivating new wave rhythms fused with an unmistakably somber post punk essence. Their music traverses a wide array of topics, spanning from pondering mortality to examining the intricacies of companionship, anguish, and the strength found in unity.

Men of Influence is an engaging song characterized by its potent post punk sound and an abundance of vibrant energy.

Confetti Malaise

Bus Stop Press

Cover artwork by Asat

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