Other World EP by Madeline Goldstein

Darkenin Heart

Madeline Goldstein, previously a member of Portland's Fringe Class, has gained recognition in the new wave revival scene since her 2020 solo album Forget This. After moving to Los Angeles in 2019, she established her solo project as a performer and vocalist.

The EP Other World consists of four songs, including the previously unveiled songs Seed of Doubt and the title track. These songs showcase the artist's darkwave sound with synthesizers at the forefront, and evoke a vast new wave aesthetic, indicating the overall potential of the release.

Edges of The Lines delves into the sense of desperation that arises when one acknowledges their own mortality. It is a freeing anthem, drenched in eighties drum beats which captures the longing to be acknowledged and the desire to be seen.

Death's Door acts as a journey into an unsettling dream, completely immersing in a vibrant realm of imagination enriched with captivating synthesizer sounds.

Other World EP showcases a strong collection of songs, demonstrating Madeline Goldstein's effectiveness as both a skilled songwriter and a captivating performer. The EP is out via à La Carte Records.

Madeline Goldstein

à La Carte Records

Cover photography by Sevin Mundo/Enshrine Productions

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