Morbid by Vickis Dream

Darkenin Heart

Vickis Dream have been developing their distinct post-apocalyptic sound since their formation in 2017, blending punk, goth, and metal influences. Morbid, their most recent single release, is a striking rendition of their musical direction.

Vicki, a young woman who finds herself in an extended sleep and awakens to a nightmare post-apocalyptic realm where Earth lies in ruins and chaos, is the center of the band's enticing concept. Vicki takes on the duty of stopping the looming madness and bringing peace to the devastated world.

The band describe the new single in detail: "The inspiration behind Morbid is the beauty we find in death, the macabre, or anything that has to do with when all things end. For instance, you know that question we all get asked, 'What would you do if you died tomorrow?' Typically, anyone's answer is they would have something to do with living out their final hours in the most lavish and meaningful way possible. There is a universal fascination with the ookie spooky of the afterlife and the unknown. Morbid embodies the acceptance, romance, and excitement through the darkness that awaits all of us. From Vicki’s standpoint, it also reflects her morbid curiosity about death and the ghosts that haunt her from her past."

Vickis Dream
Video directed by Somnambulist Films/Entress Ink Film Works

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