Die Cry Hate EP by past self

Darkenin Heart

From their origins as a Luxury Furniture Store, the emerging band, past self, has transitioned into creators of compelling dark music, drawing inspiration from shoegaze, post punk, and darkwave music. Their latest EP, titled Die Cry Hate, shows the band's current dedication to the tenebrous facets of these musical styles.

Hailing from Las Vegas, the group finds influence in a diverse range of acts spanning The Cure, My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive, and Sonic Youth. The band intends to fuse ethereal sonic landscapes with the accent of post punk, all in pursuit of experimentation.

Comprising seven tracks, the new EP offers a good cohesion among its songs, forming a cohesive whole. The EP begins with the evocative Little Death, delving into the somber themes of love's decline and the feeling of being adrift. A unique feature of the band's music is the fusion of Korean and English lyrics, a blend they refer to as "k-goth," "Korean post-punk," and "Seoulwave." This two-tongued approach persists across all the contents of the EP.

The EP's title track serves as an outstanding representation of the entire work and the band's sonic identity. Continuing their musical exploration, "녹슨 칼" is a contemporary darkwave track, characterized by beautiful synth melodies and chilly vocals. Following an atmospheric moment, Between The Marquees emerges, and it's a song narrating the chilling tale of high-society elites engaging in the callous pursuit of a servant for their amusement. The ventures into themes of horror and deep darkness, drawing inspiration from bands like Fearing and Lycia. The following track, Sewn Shut, brims with energy, exploring the notion of seeking life advice from the wrong sources, reflecting on navigating dark phases in life. The EP concludes with This House Is Empty, another emotive piece which surfaces with a post punk vigor.

past self's music showcases emotional depth within their sound and lyrical concepts. Their sound radiates a consistent and expressive quality throughout the new EP, resulting in a fluid and attractive venture.

past self
Art by aether
Photography by hvrvkirv

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