Salvation by Modern Technology

Darkenin Heart

Salvation, the latest release from Modern Technology following their single Dead Air on the new album Conditions of Worth, introduces a weightier and more intense musical approach. This track focused on themes of environmental decay and humanity's exploitation of the planet, drawing a parallel to a impure societal mindset that prioritizes self-preservation and greed over collective advancement.

The video showcases scenes of both natural and human-induced disasters, serving as a stark portrayal of a humanity contaminated by its actions.

Modern Technology bassist and vocalist Chris Clarke also directed the video. He comments: “Amongst all the tracks on the album, I have a very deep connection to this one. Working on the visual articulation of this track was a chance to pull on another emotive lever, and capture the full sentiment of this song. And one that I hope resonates with others.”

Modern Technology

Human Worth

Band photography by Chris Purdie
Video directed by Chris Clarke

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