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Darkenin Heart

What do you consider to be the darkest piece of music you’ve ever heard?
Hmm, hard question, I guess most of the music I listen to can be considered as ‘dark’, but I think no song has given me a sense of doom as strongly as Leonard Cohen’s “You Want It Darker”. He’s definitely one of my all-time favorite artists.

How would you characterize your own music?
I don’t think our music fit into one single genre, but it was once described as a “distinctive blend of hypnotic post-punk, haunting dream-pop and atmospheric psychedelia” and that sounds pretty accurate to me.

What are your musical aspirations?
Basically, it’s just making music that I like myself and that arouse some tension and makes me feel something – the more the better. I always try to listen to our new songs with an “objective ear” (even though it’s practically impossible to be totally objective) and ask myself if I would like this if it was someone else’s creation. Of course, I love it when it other people relate to and embrace our music, but that’s not something I can control, so it’s more like a bonus (a big one that is).

What are your main musical inspirations?
I actually have a master’s degree in art history and find a lot of inspiration in the avant-garde movements of the early 1900s like Expressionism and Surrealism, but also from some more contemporary art. Preferably artworks with some emotional depth and that involves some kind of mysterious tension – I don’t like it when things are too obvious. I tend to not listen to other music in my most “creative periods”, but my list of favorite artists is pretty long and diverse: From Leonard Cohen and Syd Barrett via some 80’s pop and post-punk such as A-ha, Bauhaus and Joy Division to more recent shoegaze and psychedelia such as DIIV and Psychic Ills.

What are your main goals in life?
I don’t really set myself specific goals in life, but the most important one must be to be the best father I can for my daughter. And, hopefully, to make some music that both she and I can be proud of when she's growing up.

What motivates you to create?
It kind of feels like it’s more a matter of necessity than of motivation, like it’s something inside me that needs to come out, revolving in my head as a constant inner drive. That being said, I guess exposure for interesting art and music, going to museums, galleries and concerts, can also fuel my motivation to create.

Are you more of an early bird or a night owl?
I do like early mornings, being up while the city is still at sleep and getting the most out of my day, but I like staying up until late at night even more, so I have to say that I’m more of a night owl.

Besides music, what other art forms would you like to explore?
There are several art forms I would like to explore, if I could choose my dream-life I would probably be some sort of multi-talent constantly creating all kinds of artworks. But to be a little bit more realistic, I would for example love to be a painter. Not sure at all if I have the talent to create what I envision, but hopefully one day I’ll have the time to really try it out.

Which is the very first record that had a big impact on you?
Perhaps not a very original choice, but I have to say Nirvana’s “Nevermind”. Simply because it was the first record I loved as a kid and it made me want to learn how to play guitar.

What is the best decade for music?
When I formed this band I absolutely preferred the 90's and the 00's, but around the time of our debut album "Observed in a Dream" in 2016, I discovered the 80's more and more. Now I actually think most of my favorite records are from the 80's, so I guess that's my answer.

What do your future plans include?
I tend to not make any plans far ahead, but I can reveal that we’ve been working on a new album since last winter and are currently mixing it, so our main plans for 2024 is to release this and to start touring again.
Prepared for a Nightmare (Deluxe Version) is out now via Only Lovers Records

Mayflower Madame
Band photography by Tim Harris
Live photography by Mubeen Sofi
All questions answered by Trond Fagernes

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