Outline by U.S. Grave

Darkenin Heart

Outline, the opening track of U.S. Grave's debut album, sets the tone for a dark sound, as it encapsulates the essence of the Phoenix, Arizona-based four-piece post punk outfit.

Infused with memorable melodies and bursts of energy, the song pays homage to the darkwave and post punk sounds of the eighties in a notable and genuine manner. With lively and razor-sharp instrumentation, U.S. Grave delivers a solid first release.

The expressive vocals harmoniously meld with the brilliant guitars, forming a distinctive fusion that characterizes the band's musical signature. U.S. Grave adeptly bridges the past and present, combining their sound with a contemporary vibrancy, making Outline a compelling introduction to the band's artistic identity.

U.S. Grave
Cover photography by Greg Girard

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