All Too Late by Shady Baby

Darkenin Heart

Indie garage rockers, SHADY BABY, from Brighton, unveil their latest track, All Too Late, an anthem that encourages taking charge of one's destiny. The band faced a challenging phase, marked by a short-lived managerial stint and the departure of their lead guitarist during the summer, causing a setback in their momentum. Navigating through a cost of living crisis, they self-funded their upcoming releases, resulting in a prolonged journey to growth. Caught in the complexities of current times, the band found themselves grappling with the hurdles of their circumstances.

Speaking about the new single, frontman Sam Leaver comments: “All Too Late is a song about looking to the future and wanting to feel in control of your own life. From feelings of being left behind, it was written as a piece of advice to myself to not be stuck in the past, to take charge of my own life and to know I have the power to change it.”

With the use of a vintage Sony Handycam acquired from a nearby Cash Converters, the music video, shot on no budget, radiates high energy. Filmed by the band's friends in Brighton, the video provides a sneak peek into SHADY BABY's unrestrained live performances, a hallmark for which they have gained acclaim within the local music scene.

Shady Baby
Cover artwork by ADFAIL

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