Living for the Night by Chopper

Darkenin Heart

Living for the Night, the second and final single leading up to the release of Shock Pop Vol II by Danish artist Chopper, is a track that blends indie rock with dark alternative dance elements. It offers a mix of nostalgia and contemporary tones, providing a peek into the mindset of someone grappling with the idea of growing older.

The song celebrates the nocturnal lifestyle, representing a fusion of moodiness, sophistication, and wistfulness, and encapsulates the essence of youthfulness and freedom. It's packed with emotion and boldness, delivering the sensation of a blurry nighttime drive through the gritty corners of any bustling metropolis.

On the instrumental front, it incorporates elements like jazzy trumpets and piano melodies, a bluesy harmonica, various field recordings, and even a choir, creating an overall unconventional profile which aligns perfectly with Chopper's eccentric artistic flair.


Pink Cotton Candy Records

Cover artwork by Amalie Maj

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