Body Bags by OWLS

Darkenin Heart

Emerging from the Irish midlands, OWLS, the creation of producer Emy Collum, releases new single and video, Body Bags. Incorporating elements of post punk synthwave, industrial, and darkwave, OWLS blends genres artfully to deliver a pulsating two-minute sonic experience.

Body Bags is a brooding synthpunk track, complemented by a creative video. Inspired by the current events in Gaza, the song analyzes the darker aspects of human nature. Rather than delving solely into introspective themes as seen in previous works, OWLS ventures into a more expansive exploration of societal issues with the new track.

The music video was shot on location in Co. Longford, Ireland, by Nathan Sheridan, and features the enigmatic characters 'Bird' and 'Gimp,' depicted in a state of tranquil solidarity amidst the backdrop of contemporary existence.


Blowtorch Records

Cover photography by NATHAN SHERIDAN
Video by Nathan Sheridan

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